The Ealing Club Blue Plaque Gigs
To raise the final funds for the Ealing Club plaque, we have managed to put together three nights of music, featuring many musicians who realise the importance of the venue and are offering their time and input to help celebrate it.

22nd November:
The Hubcaps - Blues Covers and Original Material, with a very accomplished Harmonica Player at the helm.
The Bolaji Blues Band - Searing Blues Guitar will be on offer from this local band, who are rapidly sealing a reputation for their interpretation, of well known blues classics.
Brace Yourself - Following their brushes with Banksy in their former guise as Exit through the Gift Shop, this band entertained and went down a storm at their last Ealing Club Fringe performance. Guitar covers of 70′s/80′s 90′s and 00 $B!ls classics.

23rd November:
Live music on Wednesday, will have a tinge of Jazz with the band Fallen Heroes, who have already graced the Liverpool Jazz Festival and Ronnie Scotts. Cyril Davies may not have approved of the brass section but maybe Alexis would have given it a go.
The night will be hosted by Swamprock Dj’s Carol Lateman and Nigel Bewley. Sure to be lively, upbeat and of the highest quality.

24th November:
The Blues Tribute night on Thursday will serve up the Blues ……Robert Hokum/Guvnors, Norrie Burnett (British Blues pioneer who even played with C yril Davies) Doc Stenson (Singer, Guitar and Harmonica player, who played with Alexis Korner and entertained audiences at the July Ealing Fringe Gigs) with Ramon Goose and Geoff Garbow

Please e-mail us to reserve a place on the door, as we will limit the audience to 100 per night.

Please find enclosed a copy of the poster. More details available on the websites:

many thanks


About The Prowlers
Alan Davies (singer) worked as a clerk then joined the British Army in the 1970s.
We heard that later he had become a journalist and was living in Denmark.
It is not known if he continued with his singing.
We would love to get in touch with him if anyone knows his present contact details.

The League of Gentlemen
Bruce Welsh from Canada is doing some work on a mid 60s British band The League of Gentlemen for his forthcoming encyclopaedya.
If you have info about The League of Gentlemen whose line-up included Jonathan Kent - vocals, Ron Cleave - guitar & vocals, Ron Thomas - rhythm guitar, Jeff Bartley - bass, Joel James - sax, Ray Steadman - drums.
This was a different band from the Bournemouth band, whose original line-up included Gordon Haskell and Robert Fripp. Those one were the backing group for various black US soul stars who toured the UK, released a couple of singles for Columbia and Planet in 1965/6, and played at Manchester Oasis in spring '66.
Please contact us at

Blues by Five Resurected are playing at The Moraira Music Festival in Spain 12th June 2011.
Original members Len Ashley Vocals / Harp and Ron Faulkner Lead Guitar Vocals


Lauren said...
Hiya, i wondered if anyone could help me, i am looking to get in touch with a John Cobb aka Johnny Vance, If anyone has any details of his whereabouts i would be extremely grateful


If you can have information about Brian Howard & his Silhouettes
Please contact us with any further information at:

If you are searching for something on bands of those faraway decades too,
you can also leave a message here or at the bottom of this page

Buddy Britten & The Regents
Alan James about Buddy Britten & The Regents
"I played bass for the Simon Raverne Trio 1968-1969.We toured Europe doing us bases ect. and was resident band at Les Arches in Jersey.I have very fond menories of that time...It would be nice to hear from Simon (Geoff or Eddie Thorpe) or anybody else who knew us or played in the band before or after me"

Winston G The Wicked
LEE JONES about Winston G The Wicked
"Hi my old man was the bass player in the fox... I'm not sure what era of the band he falls into but his name is Chris Jones and did record with the band and toured Germany with them. I'm actually trying to find out which recording he is featured on. If anyone could help please contact me." LEE JONES

Saxplayer Ian Thomas
Peter C.Budd would like to get in touch again with saxplayer Ian Thomas who played with Jimmy Duncombe and in Dave DaCostas band in Germany and France.
If anyone knows what happened to Ian, please contact us at

Back In The 60s I Was The Bass Player In A Band With  CARL DOUGLAS (Kung Fu Fighting) When The Band Ended  I Started
Rehearsals With  A Band  (Please See Picture) I Am Top Right In The Picture
I Can’t Remember The Name Of  The Band Or The Members
Can Any  Body Help ?
If So Please Contact Me
Tony Charman
Thank You


  1. Brilliant site! I've linked your blog to a post I'm doing on Winston G. which I will be publishing soon.

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  3. I am looking for info and pictures of the men Band from the 50'S actually was two males and 2 females Send anyrthing to
    Thank you Terry Tombesi

  4. does anyone remember Dave and the Strollers popular band group late 50s Played romford hornchurch area.Manager was Brian Francis .Who went to Bush elms school.Also the Corvettes from Dagenham Any info

    1. Do you Dave Dacosta and the Strollers?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    In 1966 CARL DOUGLAS AND THE BIG STAMPEDE Played At The BAG O'NAILS CLUB Kingly Street Soho London
    One Night JIMI HENDRICK'S Jammed With The Band It Was Great Did Anyone Take Any Pictures That Night? If So Please Contact Me Tony Charman
    Thank You

  7. Hi I am looking for anyone who can recall the group Micky finn and the Bluemen, i know Micky Waller (Micky Finn) passed away in France recently but does anyone know what happened to his drummer Richard Brand.. please help

  8. Pat Cresswell from the Crescents just past away after a long illness. He will be missed!

  9. I think forty years ago; Carl Douglas released this disco anthem ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ of rocks bands. I am also a big fan of it. I would also like to have additional information regarding it. Please share.

    1. John Richardson of the Rubettes played drums on the recording

  10. any info regarding jeff beck would be appreciated at AINIAN.COM-A JEFF BECK WEBPAGE-endorsed by jeff

  11. Hi does anyone remember the group The Blue Angels from the Romford area. We are wracking our brains trying to think of the drummers name Roy ?

  12. Any info on 60's Essex bands, Scrooge and the Misers, played at Harold Hill 'Shack' regularly.

    1. Scrooge rehearsed in Sutton Youth Centre based in Suttons Secondary School Hornchurch. Very loud rock style music. Members were hairy and wore rough clothing but rehearsed hard.

    2. I used to sing with this band at the shack, I used to do Queen Bee baby and Johnny be good, was so sad when he died so young

    3. Great band. I saw them at the Shack many times. A friend of mines brother played drums,Les Harris,lead guitar was Geoff Warren,I think the singer was Pete Harper, can not remember the basist. I went to a rock competition held in Southend which they won. They performed 3 numbers Route 66, Little Egypt, can not remember the third one.Good old days.

    4. I used to go regularly to the Shsck to dance to Scrooge and the Misers. What happened to them? I always thought they would be famous one day, they were brilliant!!

    5. Rita, Pamela, and Derek, don't know if you are aware but Scrooge and the Misers have their own Facebook page. There's a lot of news on there about what happened to them and where they all are now.

    6. My dads cousin peter eaton eas in the band.

  13. Anyone recall johnny and the dominators from birmingham, played at st. Chadds?

  14. Wonderful exciting days at the shack, the nimbus rooms. the masonic hall at hornchurch listening to Gino Washington and the ram jam band

  15. Does anyone remember Quarles night school with screaming Lord Sutch

    1. I used to attend Quarles School and go to night school there. The only group I can remember,of all the groups that played there,is The Blue Angels. Lord Such rings a bell but cant place them. It was a long time ago.

      was The Blue Angels

    2. Hi Derek,
      Just found this site. Interesting to see something about les Harris.
      Remember me? Tom Watson.
      Good old days back then, what do you say!
      Living in Pitsea, John Wadsworth in Basildon.
      Les and his family all in New Zealand.
      Have you seen the website 'Francis Frith' Harold Hill. Loads of memories about the Hill, and names of old mates we remember from school.
      If you like to contact me,
      All the best

  16. Anyone remember The Expresso Five? Basildon group.

  17. Great blog, I checked out the heinz page, and was happy to see my old friend Dave adams/burr Bailey represented. I will be visiting more and checking out all these bands, many of whom we haven't heard of here in the US
    All the best

  18. Hi could anyone help to unveil
    MARVELOUS - MOST I Ever Heard
    - Bill Wellings MYSTERY !