Musicians Index


Jeff Beck [The Yardbirds, Jeff Beck Group]

Ritchie Blackmore [Deep Purple, Rainbow]
Pete Budd [Gene Vincent Band]
Jim Duncombe [Jimmy & The Rackets]

Ed Hamilton [The Outlaws, Black Claw, Fast Buck]

Tony Harvey

Ernie Hayes [Sonny Childe & T'N'T]

Harvey Hinsley [The Doves, The Rebel Rousers, Black Claw, Hot Chocolate]

Mick Jones [Foreigner, Wonderwheel]

Al Kirtley

Joe Moretti

Jimmy Page [The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin]

Ged Peck

Noel Redding [Jimi Hendrix Experience, Fat Mattress]

Stuart Taylor [The Tornados]

Anthony "Top" Topham [The Yardbirds]

Dave Wendells [Tom Jones, Black Claw,Hot Chocolate]


Rod Clark [The Moody Blues]

Boots Slade


Freddie Fingers Lee [Charlie Woolf, Freddie Fingers Lee Band]

Nicky Hopkins [Jeff Beck Group, Silver Messengers]

Paul Nicholas ("Paul Dean")

Mike O'Neil

Bryan Pugh (aka Lou Bryan, Perry Ford)


Phil Kenzie [Rod Stewart Band]
Noel McManus

Ashton "Toots" Tootell [Sonny Childe & T'N'T]


Billy Adamson [The Searchers]

Ian Broad

Pete Carter (Peter Kirscher) [Status Quo]

Mick Burt [Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers]

Tornado Evans

Laurie Jay

Carlo Little [The Rollingstones, Hurricane]

Mitch Mitchell [Georgie Fame's Blue Flames , Jimi Hendrix Experience]

Mick Underwood [The Episode Six, Quatermass, Gillan]

Mickey Waller [Georgie Fame's Blue Flames , Jeff Beck Group]

Johnny Watson ("Johnny Satan") [The Echoes, The Beat Brothers]

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