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About The Prowlers
Alan Davies (singer) worked as a clerk then joined the British Army in the 1970s.
We heard that later he had become a journalist and was living in Denmark.
It is not known if he continued with his singing.
We would love to get in touch with him if anyone knows his present contact details.

The League of Gentlemen
Bruce Welsh from Canada is doing some work on a mid 60s British band The League of Gentlemen for his forthcoming encyclopaedya.
If you have info about The League of Gentlemen whose line-up included Jonathan Kent - vocals, Ron Cleave - guitar & vocals, Ron Thomas - rhythm guitar, Jeff Bartley - bass, Joel James - sax, Ray Steadman - drums.
This was a different band from the Bournemouth band, whose original line-up included Gordon Haskell and Robert Fripp. Those one were the backing group for various black US soul stars who toured the UK, released a couple of singles for Columbia and Planet in 1965/6, and played at Manchester Oasis in spring '66.
Please contact us at

Blues by Five Resurected are playing at The Moraira Music Festival in Spain 12th June 2011.
Original members Len Ashley Vocals / Harp and Ron Faulkner Lead Guitar Vocals


Lauren said...
Hiya, i wondered if anyone could help me, i am looking to get in touch with a John Cobb aka Johnny Vance, If anyone has any details of his whereabouts i would be extremely grateful


If you can have information about Brian Howard & his Silhouettes
Please contact us with any further information at:

If you are searching for something on bands of those faraway decades too,
you can also leave a message here or at the bottom of this page


  1. The gig is cancelled!!!

  2. re winston G and winston G and the wicked the lead guitarist on these records was brian hammick could you please ammend your data .yours faithfully brian

  3. Another 60's Band were Blues by Five

    BLUES BY FIVE 1960 - 2008

    The nucleus of Blues by Five was born under the guise of The Men of Mystery all from Belmont School
    Harrow Mddx The original line up was –
    Ron Faulkner (Mcqueen) Lead Guitar.
    Phil Wainman – Drums (Later went on to produce Boomtown Rats – The Sweet etc)
    Ken Morgan – Rythym Guitar.
    Jim Whitaker – Bass Guitar.
    They were later joined by singer Len Ashley.

    The Men of Mystery.
    Played around the London area at various clubs Backed Marty Wilde and Duffy Power at The Marquee.
    Supported Joe Brown at The State Kilburn.
    Did well working American bases for agent Jack Fallon (Cana Variety)
    Toured Scotland and the North of England.
    Supported The Rolling Stones at their local venue South Harrow British Legion where they were later seen by producer Joe Meek and offered a recording test. Singer Len Ashley was offered an opportunity to record Eddie Cochran type numbers but he turned this down to stay with the band.(Heinze later took on this role and recorded Just like Eddie) This was documented in The Record Mirror.

    Ron and Len were then joined by Dick Bryce – on drums – Mick Wright on Bass Guitar – Bill Blisset on Keyboards and Noel Chartres McManus on Sax. This was the Birth of Blues by Five. (1963-1964)
    They Toured Britain backing American singer Big Dee Irwin (Swinging on a Star) starred with The Hollies – Little and Large – Shane Fenton – Screaming Lord Sutch – Spencer Davis and Manfred Mann to mention just a few.
    They had one single release on Decca in 1964 Boom Boom the B side was an original I Cried written by Rolling Stones Manager Andrew Loog Oldham.
    The Band broke up late 1965 after a CSE tour of the Middle East with Michael Cox (Angela Jones)
    In the late 60’s / 70’s Ron and Len formed a new band called Fascination with Terry Williams – Trumpet,Guitar,and Vocals – Ian Williams – Bass Guitar and Vocals – Steve Dunkley – Drums. It was a change in direction for them musically doing more vocal harmonies (Beach Boys etc)
    Later the personnel changed bringing in Trevor Goarge – Keyboards,Vocals – Eddie Majwick – Bass Guitar they continued to do college gigs etc and were then joined by John Hamilton – Guitar – Keyboards – Vocals (Later ran EQ Studios)
    They were joined briefly by Christopher Rainbow who later had hits with Give me what I cry for and Solid State Brain and also recorded Jingles for Tony Blackburn on Radio One. Later produced various bands Jon Anderson being one.
    In the late 1970.s Ron and Len formed a recording band called TAN and released several singles and a Country Album on the White Dove Label. The personnel were Len Ashley – Vocals – Ron Faulkner – Guitar & Bass Guitar – John Hamilton – Keyboard & Backing Vocals – Terry Williams – Trumpet and Backing Vocals – Roger Retig – Guitar and Pedal Steel Guitar (He was an original on Rutland Weekend TV – The Rutles and played with Fatso and various good country bands.

    In 1992 Blues by Five were reformed with personnel-
    Len Ashley – Vocals and Harmonica.
    Ron Faulkner – Keyboards and Guitar.
    John Barry (JJ) Lead Guitar and Vocals.
    John Abbot – Bass Guitar.
    Nigel Clegg - Drums
    Blues by Five continued to play through the 1990,s in Blues clubs and Pubs until they finally split with people going in different directions.

    Ron and Len are still together writing and recording their own songs and Jingles when they get together.
    Ron is now based in Spain and does the odd gig with local bands. Len joins him on his frequent visits.

  4. Len Ashley Blues by Five3 May 2011 at 14:45

    Blues by Five Resurected are playing at The Moraira Music Festival in Spain 12th June 2011.
    Original members Len Ashley Vocals / Harp and Ron Faulkner Lead Guitar Vocals

  5. Many Thanks Len You can contact us at